• Studies submitted for publishing inside the announced deadlines, which would be reviewed by the editorial board, as well as by the reviewers especially named in this respect, have to be written in one of the main foreign languages worldwide accepted (English, French, German), yet preferably English;
  • The authors should exclusively guarantee for the content and translation into a foreign language of the studies submitted for publishing;
  • In preparing a paper for submission to our journal, the editorial board provides the necessary instructions for editing, and it will be sent to solicitors from the following e-mail addresses:
  • The papers which do not follow the format would be automatically rejected.
  • The authors will be announced on the acceptance or rejection if their papers and about the suggestions made by the reviewers.
  • The editors’ committee would reject those papers which do not reach the quality level required for an academic journal.
  • Plagiarism is strictly forbidden, and by submitting the article for publication the authors agree that the publishers have the legal right to take appropriate action against the authors, if plagiarism or fabricated information is discovered.
  • Publication of articles in the journal not involve processing costs or publication cost.
  • The readers have the right to download, print, copy, read, distribute, search or link the full texts of articles.
  • The publisher allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions and to retain publishing rights without restrictions.
Instruction for the Authors
Papers should be original and unpublished, and should not be under publication consideration with any other outlet.
Please include a separate page with the title, the name and the e-mail of the author/ authors for the double-blind review process. The page with the abstract should contain the title, the abstract and key words.