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ABSTRACT. – Geodemographic Risks within the Apuseni Mountains. The territorial system of the Apuseni Mountains can be considered a critical region from a geodemographic viewpoint. At present, the system is characterised by severe geodemographic risks, which are due to two major processes, namely significant output of population who chooses to exit the system (massive emigration, mainly young and adult age groups) and high decrease in birth rate, due to emigration. These processes determine the main geodemographic risks in the area namely, on one hand, depopulation and the geodemographic decline of the settlements and, on the other, the population ageing process. The first of these two phenomena is studied within the Land of Moţi through an analysis done on two elements: population evolution  between 1992 and 2011 and the geodemographic size of the settlements. The results show a decrease in the number of inhabitants in all the studied territorial-administrative units and in the majority of the settlements which make up these units. Meanwhile, there is an increase in the number of small villages (with less than 200 inhabitants) and especially of those with less than 50 inhabitants. Some of these are under risk of disappearing in the near future, if this downward trend will continue.

Keywords: geodemographic risk, emigration, depopulation, geodemographic decline, geodemographic potential.