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ABSTRACT. – Morphometric Aspects of Cârcinov Basin (Cândești Piedmont). The basin of Cârcinov Valley is situated in Cândeşti Piedmont, being one of the tributaries of Argeş River which ensures the drainage for an area of approximately 202.7 km. The altitude becomes lower and lower from the North of the region (742m) to the South (225m) where it flows into the Argeş River. The most important part of Cârcinov basin is represented by hypsometric values between 400-500 m, namely 28.60% of the analysed area. The analysis of the relief fragmentation provides an important geomorphologic clue regarding the dynamics and distribution of the shaping processes from different time stages, data that will be taken into consideration within the process of sustainable development of the researched area. The degree of the relief fragmentation, with values included between 0-200m/km2 is the result of some complex causes and conditions as for instance: the setting of the basic level in general and of the local one, the slope, the neotectonic movements, etc. The inclination of the sides defines different categories of sides: with small slopes, between 0 and 2 degrees which characterize little inclined grounds in the neighborhood of water meadows and small rivers, with middle slopes between 16-17 degrees which are found on the most important part of the area of Cârcinov Basin and with steep slopes under 27 degrees which are met on the fore sides of the terraces and fields. The exposure of the sides determines a certain caloric behaviour of the soil with implications on the regime of humidity, geomorphologic processes and, last but not least, on the agricultural utilization and exploitation. The way the network of rivers is organized represents one of the factors that condition the character of the relations between different current morphogenetic processes which are, most of them, subordinated to the drainage down the sides or in hydrographic channels of different size orders.
Keywords: Cândeşti Piedmont, Cârcinov, slopes, hypsometric values, energy of the relief.